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Full List of United States Films

United States full online free. United States list of great film. Watch United States film online free in streaming now. - Page 5

Dr. Dolittle 2

The film concentrates on a kind doctor who determines to help outraged animals when the development of industry threatens to destroy their environment. He tries to find all ways to save the forest and rescue a lone endangered bear .

Rogue - Season 4

In the next season of this acclaimed drama, Ethan heads to Chicago to investigate notorious attorney Marty Stein while Grace is still missing. It soon becomes apparent that Marty’s dealings extend from the boardroom into the dangerous world of one of Chicago’s most feared gangs.

Necessary Roughness

The film centers on the special Texas State University's football team named The Fightin' Armadillos, which consists of new coaches and new players as the previous officers and players were fired after a scandal. Their unique players, amongst them are a 34 year old quarterback, a female placekicker and a group of misfits have to overcome obstacles that the top teams in the country couldn't handle, with the instruction of Coach Ed "Straight Arrow" Genero to attempt to play the number one Texas Colts.

All Is Foreseen

When a successful business woman steps out of her comfort zone with a stranger, she unknowingly affects the lives of everyone around her.

Fosse/Verdon - Limited Series

An inside look at the romantic and creative partnership between influential choreographer/director, Bob Fosse, and Gwen Verdon, one of the greatest Broadway dancers of all time.

My All American

Following the famous football player Freddie Steinmark, who is said to be one of legendary of the University of Texas and also the most Coach Darrell Royal’s beloved player. At first playing as an normal player, Freddie Steinmark , an underdog who creates historical chronicle of the UT as he leads his team to a championship season.

Top Gun


Top Gun

Top Gun is the story of a boy who wants to conquer the sky. Maverick- a young British pilots has a powerful desire of escaping from the shadow of his father, who is an excellent pilot. At the training, Maverick has learned things that no school can teach him and he also has committed many mistakes. But then, with the help of Kelly, a very special teacher, Maverick sees the real value of his own. He has learned to believe in myself and the team. Persevered with his dream, Maverick has not stopped efforts. After rigorous training courses and the challenging flights, eventually Maverick also confirmed his talent.

A Violent Separation

1983. In a quiet Midwestern town, a young deputy covers up a murder at the hands of his brother triggering a series of events that sends them and the victim's family towards a shattering climax.

The Real ONeals - Season 2

Season 2 opens with Kenny starting a LGBT club at school and recruits a lesbian to join him, but he puts too much pressure on her to come out to her family. Meanwhile, Eileen realizes she may have feelings for VP Murray.




This movie tells the story of Summer, a 17-year old carefree black girl, whose world is turned upside down when her mother, a popular meteorologist named Jade Jennings, abruptly converts to Islam and becomes a different person, prompting Summer to reevaluate her identity.

Dexter - Season 4

After Rita gave birth a baby - Dexter Harrison, Dexter Morgan became a family man. His family moved to the suburb, where Dexter struggled to his cold-blooded personality inside him. Frank Lundy hunted Trinity Killer, who always believed that he had brutal and specific method to kill people.

Bending the Rules

The film recounts a lethal situation in which corrupted cop Nick Blades and district attorney Theo Gold must fight together to prevent a vicious crime. At the meantime, they must have enough patience to not kill each other first.

Scooby-Doo! Legend Of The Phantosaur

Scooby-Doo! Legend Of The Phantosaur starts when the Scooby Doo gang encounters the horrible Phantosaur. After their meeting, they investigate to find out what's really behind this prehistoric haunting.

Saving Mr. Banks

The story about Walt Disney, who wants to use "Mary Poppins" for a movie but the author, P.L. Travers doesn't agree. So for 20 years Disney keep asking her for it. Eventually she will approve if Disney does it as she wants it. So she goes to California and Disney to see what they did. But she's not easily impressed although Disney tries to understand what she wants.

Stand And Deliver

This is the story of a math teacher in a full of Hispanic student high school which is under the standard level and has a lot off social problems. He tries his best to change the situation. By sensitive feelings, he soon relizes his students' potential and inspire them to find the way and become good at academics

The Pining


The Pining

When members of Joe's therapy group start dying under mysterious circumstances, Detective Harris (Jackie Dallas) is forced to reopen a cold case. Her only lead: Father William - the group therapy leader who seems to know more than what is in his police statements.




In this film we will follow Joe Beck who lose his older brother only from a fairy’s plight. He has to set off an adventure to discover the mystery in fairy world to bring his daughter back . What will wait for him ahead? Can he overcome all to save his daughter? Let’s come to this interesting film

A Perfect Getaway

Newlyweds Cliff and Cydney are celebrating their marriage by hiking a jungle trail to a remote Hawaiian beach when they learn that police have discovered a gruesome homicide scene and the suspects are somewhere around. Suspecting the strange pair of hitchhikers who they've met before on the road are the murderers, Cliff and Cydney consider leaving, but eventually joins another couple for hiking and things start to go terribly wrong. On an isolated island, a deadly battle for survival begins where danger lurks along every twist of the path and no one is who they seem.

Absolute Deception

The widowed magazine reporter Rebecca Scott surprisedly hears from FBI Agent John Nelson that her long dead husband Miles is actually an FBI key informant and just be murdered recently. Rebecca decides to team up with John to figure out the secrets of Miles, but their investigation is halted by a group of mysterious attackers.

The Double (2011)

Story kicks off with the mysterious murder of a senator bearing the marks of a Soviet assassin, who was long thought to be dead. To hunt down the killer, a retired CIA operative is teamed with a young FBI agent.

Mama's Family - Season 4

Season 4 opens with Bubba and Mama both beginning night school; Bubba must attend in order to graduate, and Mama attends because she never got her diploma. However, the first assignment reminds Mama of the reason she dropped out of school to begin with.

Ingenious (Lightbulb)

Matt and Sam are close friends pass through many challenges together in their life. Matt is an inventor and Sam is a sales man in a gift shop. One day, Matt's invention becomes a worldwide phenomenon but their friendship still exist.

Bardo Blues


Bardo Blues

Story of a mentally ill young man attempting to come to grips with his haunting past by seeking solace and understanding in the unfamiliar Eastern culture of Thailand.




The daughter of a man on death row falls in love with a woman on the opposing side of her family's political cause.

Tosh.0 - Season 8

Season 8 opens with a woman giving birth in a car, a former member of Menudo getting a CeWEBrity Profile, and Daniel reviewing a new book about football coach Nick Saban...




In the year 2029, mutants are on the brink of extinction. Weary Logan tries to hide from the world, taking care of ailing Professor X. However, his attempts to hide from the world and his legacy abruptly end when a mysterious woman appears with an urgent request.

The Office - Season 3

The third season consists of 16 half-hour episodes, five 40-minute "super-sized" episodes, and two one-hour episodes. The company is still facing the downsizing troubles at the first half of the season. In the second half, relationships of the employess continue to be in the spot light.

Pelle the Conqueror

A boat filled with Swedish emigrants comes to the Danish island of Bornholm. Lasse and his son Pelle who move to Denmark to find work. They find employment at a large farm, but are treated as the lowest form of life.

Survival on the Mountain

The film follows a couple who go to Nepal and gets caught in a snowstorm. The wife must save herself and her injured husband when avalanches and a freak blizzard trap them in the Himalayas.

Girl/Girl Scene: The Movie

The lives and loves of a close-knit group of young gay ladies as they make their way in a not-so-modern world.
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