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Full List of Korea Films

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Jungle Shuffle

This film is set in 1960 Lacedon Jungle in Mexico. Coatis Manu and Sacha are best friends. However, mischievous Manu is exiled from the empire for breaking a statue ordered to be made by the king,...

Falling For Challenge

The film is about college students Na Do Jeon (Xiumin) and Ban Ha Na (Kim So Eun), both of whom will fight alongside members of the other club for the sake of protection. Their club "One Plus" from...

Squad 38


Squad 38

This comedy crime show is a drama depicting the process how a chief officer of revenue collection unit with Seoul City and a fraudster work together to collect all of the unpaid taxes from high...

Roommate - Season 2

As the new season of Roommate commences with new members, the group slowly begins to break the awkward and unfamiliarity by getting to know each other. The new members introduced themselves to the...

Make Your Move

Can't be missed for those who are passionate about music and dance, Make Your Move is themed about music, as dance performances of the two impressive talent actors BoA Kwon, Derek Hough. This film...

Memories of Murder

Two rural cops and a special detective from the capital investigate a series of brutal rape murders. But when a third woman is found dead, the solution to the murders grows fainter and drives the...

Princess and the Matchmaker

Princess Songhwa of the Joseon era refuses her fate to marry one of four suitors deemed to have good marital compatibility with her. She then escapes from the palace to find the man she truly loves.

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

Cha Dae-woong (Lee Seung Gi) accidentally releases a troublesome gumiho, a legendary fox with nine tails. Fleeing the scene, Dae-woong is in danger and is only saved by the gumiho. After that,...

The Great Battle

Kingdom of Goguryeo, ancient Korea, 645. The ruthless Emperor Taizong of Tang invades the country and leads his armies towards the capital, achieving one victory after another, but on his way is the...

Alice: Boy from Wonderland

Hye is twenty seven years old undergoes bad days for many years by dint of horrible nightmares which happen in reality. One day, she decides to move to a private resort called 'Wonderland' where she...

Man Who Sets the Table

The drama tells the story of a young woman whose life is changed forever after she travels abroad and meets a guy who wanders around the world and places priority on his happiness, but also carries...

Full House


Full House

This drama attempts to answer the question of whether two people -- a famous actor and an ordinary woman -- can learn to love each other in a marriage agreed upon only on paper. It also explores the...

The Gifted Hand

Yoon, young boys graffiti. Unexpected happened a kidnapping and killing children in the area of management Yang Joon Dong invessting folice. During the investigation process, he accidentally...

Jewel in the Palace - Dae Jang Geum

The drama is tells the tale of Jang-Geum, a woman with skill and ambition during the rigid, male dominate social structure of Korea’s Chosun Dynasty who faces many obstacles on the road to become...




Mi-Ju was an aspiring cellist, but quit the field after being involved in a car accident. Her best friend & rival Tae-Yeon died in the accident. After Mi-Ju brings a cello home, strange events start...

Sweet Savage Family

Yoon Tae-Soo is a gang boss outside but a father at home. There, he lives with his strong willed wife Kim Eun-Ok who nags at him constantly, a troublemaker daughter, a model student son and his...




On a live music radio show, a radio DJ gets a letter from the 23 years in the past. Through the letter, the first love and friendships of five friends are revealed.

Scandal Maker


Scandal Maker

38-year old popular radio DJ He Zhiwu's apartment doorbell rings and a young lady appears with her son. The woman tells him that he is her father and he is also the grandfather to her son.

My Sassy Girl (2017)

Set in the Joseon Dynasty period, the movie tells the story of a cold-hearted scholar who crosses paths with a sassy princess, only to realize that the girl he thinks is so wrong might just be the...




When Soo-Jin, a temporary teacher at a elementary school, knows that one of her students is being abused at home by her family, she decides to become her mother.

Emergency Couple

Although Jin-Hee and Chang-Min marry young, they get a divorce soon after when things between them turn bitter. Years later, they meet again as interns in an ER, where they must deal with a demanding...

Miss Baek


Miss Baek

A woman's past as a convict follows her everywhere and because of this she doesn't open up to others. But then she strikes up a friendship with a broken child who has suffered from domestic violence...

Partners for Justice

“Partner for Justice” is about a female prosecutor and a male forensic doctor who search for the truth from the victim. It will be a well-made investigation drama that finds the hidden monsters...

Perfect Wife


Perfect Wife

This drama is about a a middle-aged Ajumma who will do anything for her children. Sim Jae-Bok is married with two children. Due to hardships she went through, she has a wild temper. But when she gets...

Doubtful Victory

The drama centers on a framed escapee turned fake police detective who has spent ten years on death row as he takes down bad criminals and learns to discover his true identity.

The End of the World

The story starts with a mysterious disease spreads. Kang Joo-Heon (Yoon Je-Moon) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention attempts to find a critical clue through reverse tracing. What...

Sweden Laundry

The film focuses on middle child, Kim Bom. Now that Bom is an adult, she runs a laundromat. But she also has the supernatural ability to understand her customers' worries through their laundry. Bom...

Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs

Also known as "Yeogo goedam 3: Yeowoo gyedan", this horror drama starring Ji-hyo Song, Han-byeol Park and An Jo tells the tale of three young girls who attend a fancy art school with a mythical...

Cinderella's Sister

Eun-Ju (Moon Geun-Young), who lost her father many years ago, finally moves gets a new family home when her mother remarries. Although things seem to have turn the better for the cynical Eun-Ju, she...




The movie follows an aging grandmother who works as a diver in a small island village. After 12 years of going missing, her teenage granddaughter is dramatically reunited with her. However, a story...
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