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War Movies

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The Way Ahead


The Way Ahead

The film tells a story of a group of conscripts are called up for World War II. Nobody believes in them who can be a strong team except their sergeant and Lieutenant. When they fight in Africa, they...

Turn: Washington's Spies - Season 3

In this season, General Benedict Arnold is accused of corruption. Arnold eventually switches sides and the story of his betrayal is slowly starting to unravel. The redcoats have been suspicious...

The Fear


The Fear

The film follows Gabriel Dufour, a young conscript in the French army as he goes though World War I. Through the trials, horrors, and tribulations of war, he survives and discovers his own humanity.

Voyage of the Damned

The story was inspired by true events concerning the fate of the MS St. Louis ocean liner carrying Jewish refugees from Germany to Cuba in 1939. The ship was eventually obliged to return to Germany,...

Last Flag Flying

Thirty years after serving together in the Vietnam War, former Navy Corps medic Richard "Doc" Shepherd, Former Marines Sal and Richard Mueller reunite to bury his son, a young Marine killed in the...

They Were Expendable

They Were Expendable follows two American PT boats fighting a battle against a fleet of Japanese ships in the Philippines to prove their battle-worthiness at the start of World War II.

Wolf Warriors 2

The movie tells a story of China's deadliest special forces operative named Leng Feng who takes on special missions around the world. In this sequel, he finds himself in an African country protecting...

The Great Battle

Kingdom of Goguryeo, ancient Korea, 645. The ruthless Emperor Taizong of Tang invades the country and leads his armies towards the capital, achieving one victory after another, but on his way is the...

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

After their ship is torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese submarine, the crew members of the USS Indianapolis stranded in the Philippine Sea for five days, facing a harrowing nightmare of thirst, hunger,...




A story of greed, a lust for power, and ultimate revenge. The Great Lord Hidetora Ichimonji has decided to step aside to make room for the younger blood of his three sons, Taro, Jiro, and Saburo, the...




The film is about twelve Japanese seamen who, in June 1944, are stranded on an abandoned-and-forgotten island called An-ta-han for seven years. The island's only inhabitants are the overseer of the...

21 And Over


21 And Over

21 and Over is a comedy about friendship. Jeff Chang is a obedient student who never falls down with people's expectations. On his 21st birthday, when two best friends Casey and Miller stand in front...

The Siege of Firebase Gloria

The Siege of Firebase Gloria (Also Known As: The Firebase ) is an Action Drama film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and written by William L. Nagle (as William Nagle), Tony Johnston. It released on...

The Trench


The Trench

On the eve of a massive battle with the Germans, as Billy and his comrades await the signal that will send them into battle, they ponder their past and their friendships, before the horrific reality...

Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the 4th Reich

Set in the midst of war as dissension amongst Nazi forces was on the rise, the film follows American soldiers who go behind enemy lines in the fall of 1944 to help protect a potential post-nazi,...

Princess of Mars

The movie follows a U.S soldier John Carter,who is inexplicably transported to Mars in the midst of a war between two factions of warring alien races. John Carter has to fight on his own to survive...

From Here To Eternity

Sergeant Milt Warden (Burt Lancaster) enters into an affair with Karen (Deborah Kerr), the wife of his commanding officer. Each of their lives will be changed when their stories culminate in the...

X Company - Season 3

In this season, Aurora (Evelyne Brochu) and the other characters have to go deep into the territory of the enemy, and to pass for the enemy, they have to begin to adjust what they do to belong.




Yanks is a 1979 period drama film set during World War II in Northern England. This is the story about American soldiers who become involved in romantic affairs while stationed in England during...

The Book Thief

The content of The Book Thief movie revolves around the life of a cute, orphaned little girl - Liesel. She is adopted by a German family. Liesel finds a book in the ashes of the library. Liesel...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

SNL alumni Tina Fey steps into the well worn shoes of journalist Kim Barker in Paramount Pictures' adaptation of Barker's memoir The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which...

Welcome to Sarajevo

The story follows a group of reporters in Sarajevo during the Bosnian, who then encounters an orphanage run by dedicated Mrs. Savic. Impressed by the love of Mrs. Savic, the team decides to try their...

Casualties of War

The film tells the story of Eriksson, a member of an American squadron stationed in the deepest jungles of Southeast Asia, who refuses to rape a young Vietnamese girl during Vietnam War. And then...

The Coming Convergence

End-of-days scenarios are postulated. Through newly discovered geological and statistical patterns, many believe it can be proven that the Tribulation is about to begin!




Bataan brilliantly transforms one of America's most ignominious wartime defeats into a paean to courage and perseverance. Thirteen men are chosen to blow up a bridge on the Bataan peninsula and keep...

Hart's War


Hart's War

A young man learning the law in Harvard university becomes a lieutenant. He is in prison and asked to protect a black murderer.

The Tudors - Season 4

The fourth season continues with Henry stepping into his his fifth marriage with young prutient seductive free-spirited Catherine Howard. However, the newlyweds' honeymoon doesn't last long as the...

Platoon Leader

Platoon Leader (Also Known As: Baptismo de Fogo ) is a Drama film directed by Aaron Norris and written by Andrew Deutsch (screenplay), Rick Marx (screenplay). It released on October 1988 (USA). The...

The Ottoman Lieutenant

This is a love story between an idealistic American nurse (Hera Hilmar) and a Turkish officer (Michiel Huisman) during World War I. Now, with invading army forces at their doorstep, and the world...

The Mark of Cain

The film follows three British young soldiers as they experience the extremity of war for the first time, and the permanent effects of what they have seen and done as they return from their tour of...
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