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History Movies

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Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace

In 1784, 21-year-old William Wilberforce was elected to the British House of Commons, and soon begins a lengthy battle to abolish Great Britain's slave trade with his close friend and a future prime...

The Borgias - Season 2

This season opens with the King of FraPaolo searches for Lucrezia and their son, and the Pope inspecting the lives of commoners with Vittoria and Guilia in disguisence revenging himself on King...




The film is a recounting of the chaotic events that occurred at Dallas' Parkland Hospital on the day U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. It is the ferocious, heart-stopping and powerful...

The Right Stuff

The epic drama film follows the story of seven original Mercury astronauts during NASA's efforts to overrun Soviet's space programs. The film relates the dangers and frustrations facing the...

Back In Time


Back In Time

The movie is a look at the very real impact the Back to the Future movies have had on our culture. The film includes footage of various cast and crew members of the Back to the Future film series...

Escape from Sobibor

Set in Sobibor - one of the most deadly, most notorious, most fearful Nazi death camps during the WWII, the absorbing, fact-based drama follows a courage captive who managed the most massive escape...

The Silent Mountain

At his sisters wedding, Andreas, a young Austrian man, meets Francesca, a seventeen year old girl, and falls in love wwith her immediately. But the very next day, he is sent to the front lines of...

The Canterbury Tales

Pasolini's artistic, sometimes violent, always vividly cinematic retelling of some of Chaucer's most erotic tales. A host of passionate lovers unite for a glorious, sometimes unexpected journey...

The Legend of King Solomon

Eager to impress the Queen of Sheeba, a young Solomon accidentally releases the devil Asmodeus from his prison. With the Kingdom of Jerusalem in peril, Solomon and Princess Naama work together to...

Good Night and Good Luck

The film features Edward R. Murrow veteran radio and television journalist who conflicts with Joseph MacCarthy, a U.S. Senator of Wiscosin, particularly involving the activities of anti-Communist...




The film tells the true story of charismatic Ward Allen, who leaves behind a life of privilege during the early 1900s in Savannah to live free on a river, as a duck hunter. 

A Haunting - Season 9

In the season premiere, a family believes the ghost in their home is harmless until the children feel threatened, which prompts a plea to the Catholic Church to rid them of this evil demon.

The Other Side of the Mirror

The film follows Alice, a young teenage girl unwittingly discovers Wonderland while following a mysterious man. In that land, all the characters are from turn-of-the-century America and the Pacific...




The film sets in the cold war when the world is at a peak with the distrust between the military forces, the political, the economic superpower. While US forces are demonstrating their naval forces...

Lemon Tree Passage

Horror film Lemon Tree Passage tells a story about the journey of death of youth groups traveling on the road. A group of young travelers know about a ghost appearing in the mirror behind when a car...

Letters from Iwo Jima

The movie tells about the battle beween the U.S. and Imperial Japan in Iwo Jima island during World War II. General Tadamichi Kuribayashi is in command of the forces on the island and draws plan to...

Genius - Season 1

This series focuses on Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein during different periods in his life in a nonlinear narrative as well as explores how patent clerk Einstein could not get a...

The Evil Twin


The Evil Twin

So-yeon awakens from a 10 year coma, with no memory of the tragic drowning of her sister. Many deaths follows her recovery, and she seemingly takes on her sister's personality traits.

Ghost Adventures - Season 17

Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans leads his team of co-investigators Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin at haunted locations both in America and abroad, interviewing locals about alleged hauntings before...

Tucker: The Man and His Dream

The film tells the story of Preston Tucker, the maverick car designer and his ill-fated challenge to the auto industry with his revolutionary car concept. The whole movie also has many parallels with...

Goodbye Christopher Robin

The film tells about the relationship between beloved children's author A. A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin, whose toys inspired the magical world of Winnie the Pooh. Along with his mother...

The Last King (2015)

150 years ago, the fabled Koh-I-Noor Diamond is stolen and brought to England. It's priceless, it's pride, it's dignity. Today, the Maharaja Ranjit Singh's descendants want it back at all cost.

Cold Mountain


Cold Mountain

Inman, a serious wounded confederate soldier, who has a perilous journey to get back home from the Civil War. Will this brave man overcome the struggles and come back to his beloved wife?
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