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Family Movies

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A Nutcracker Christmas

The movie is about about a woman’s childhood dream of dancing in the New York Ballet’s The Nutcracker. When her niece is cast in The Philadelphia Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker, a jaded...

The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising

The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising ( Also Known As: Los seis signos de la luz) is an Adventure Drama film directed by David L. Cunningham and written by John Hodge (screenplay), Susan Cooper (novel). It...

Desperate Housewives - Season 3

This season starts with the arrival of Orson Hodge. Following the observation of Mary Alice Young from beyond the grave, Susan still looks for a stable relationship, Lynette devotes too much for her...

Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars

While trying to remain a good husband and father, Superbat and the Avengers of Justice come out of retirement to stop Dark Jokester and Lisp Luthor from freezing the planet.

The Man from Snowy River

After his father is killed in a tragic accident, young Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson) leaves the mountains, sets out to become his own man. He goes to work for a powerful cattle baron, falls in love with...

Kickin It - Season 4

The Season starts with a descovery when Jack, Milton and Rudy found gold on Rudy's land. Now the 3 of them got into a fight for it to see who gets the biggest share. Who would the gold belong to ?

Dunston Checks In

Dunston Checks In is a 1996 American family comedy film about A young boy named Lionel Spalding who befriends a larcenous orangutan in a luxury 5-star hotel - the Majestic Hotel.

Happy Days - Season 1

The series follows the daily life of the Cunningham family who live through the 1950s with help and guidance from the lovable and almost superhuman greaser, Fonzie, a rough-around-the-edges...

Sk8 Dawg


Sk8 Dawg

The movie is about fourteen year old Tommy Schooner who comes from a family of skaters as he challenges a local bully to a competition. However, he soon realizes that he is in over his head and must...

The Beverly Hillbillies

Nice guy redneck Jed Clampett strikes it rich when he finds black oil, and moves he and his kin to posh Beverly Hills. Though unsophisticated, they are decent, hard-working, trusting people, in other...

Camp Cool Kids

Enjoy this fun, family film. It will take you back to your fondest camp memories. At their summer camp games, Spence and his big brother Zach find themselves on opposing teams: it's the dweebs...




Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty discover that they are all engaged to the same Prince Charming. After a fairy spills a large amount of charm dust on Charming, Prince Charming, led by the...

Cayman Went


Cayman Went

An underwater action star (Michael Lombardi) attempts to keep his career afloat by traveling to a Caribbean island to convince three property owners to sell their land to a real estate mogul.

Once I Was a Beehive

In this comedic drama, a teenage girl is still reeling from her father's death when her mom moves on to marry a Mormom man. Joining her step-cousins' camp, it's her chance to overcome her...

Parenthood - Season 2

The Bravermans are on air again. In season 2, each pursuits their own wills and faces their own obstacles. Julia's attorney career soars, but it means the time for her husband and daughter is badly...

Super Daddy Yul

Cha Mi Rae, a good doctor, is suddenly diagnosed to have a rare cancer. She can only live for 1 year. This leads to her decision that she has to find a good father for her daughter – Sa Sang. She...

Space Camp


Space Camp

A team consisting of a guy who just entered to meet girls, a wanna be astronaut and an instructor who wanted to go on a mission instead of teaching can sit in the Shuttle while testing the engines,...

A Throwback Holiday

After making a wish upon a star, an unhappy woman awakens to find herself as a high school senior again with the ability to change everything.

Santa Buddies


Santa Buddies

The film centers on beloved puppies helping the Santa to hold a wonderful Christmas for many people. Unfortunately, the son of Santa Paws forgets the meaning of season which makes the chief dog...

Little Fugitive

Joey, a young boy, runs away to Coney Island after he is tricked into believing he has killed his older brother. Escaping to Coney Island, Joey spends a full day and night exploring the excitement of...

Little House on the Prairie - Season 1

The series follows the life and adventures of the Ingalls family in the 19th century American West who settles into a quaint little house on the banks of Plum Creek near the small town of Walnut...

Ghost Whisperer - Season 3

Season 3 is back with Melinda’s search for answers about her family history when she starts to learn the secret of her ability, her father Tom Gordon and her half-brother Gabriel. Moreover, she...




The movie is about a transitioning woman who discovers that she's the father of a 14 year old boy. What happens when gender, generations and cultures collide to create a truly modern family?

Bunk'd - Season 3

The Ross kids head to summer camp in this spinoff of "Jessie." Emma, Ravi and Zuri spend the summer at Maine's Camp Kikiwaka, where their parents met when they were teenagers. The kids aren't used to...

Honey 3: Dare to Dance

After losing her place at a prestigious academy, a struggling dancer (Cassie Ventura) puts friends, family, and faith on the line to produce an innovative hip hop Romeo and Juliet show. Once again,...

Degrassi Junior High - Season 1

The series depicts the lives and trials of students of a city high school. Many episodes tackle difficult issues such as drug abuse, child abuse, pedophilia, teenage pregnancy, homosexuality, body...

Three Men And A Little Lady

This romantic comedy is a sequel to the 1987 original movie, describing three heartbroken "fathers" facing the possibility of losing their 5 year-old child as her mother decides to move to England....

Perfect Strangers - Season 6

In this season, Balki babysits for a mischievous child, while Larry needs silence to work on an article. Larry's feigned nonchalance at Jennifer's mention of going out with a male friend threatens...

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Whimsica inventor Wallace and his dumb but intelligent dog, Gromit, set out to save of the inhabitants of a village from a mutant rabbit whose sabotage threatens the annual vegetable competition.
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