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Family Movies

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Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa

In the late Middle Age's Italy, Leonardo "Leo" Da Vinci is struggling with his incredible inventions, Lorenzo helps him and Lisa observes them mockingly. After to test the first dive suit of his creation in a lake, tragedy appears when coming back to home Lisa realizes that her house and lands have been burned by a fire.

The Little Rascals

The story begins with Spanky, who is the president of the "He-Man Woman Haters Club" with many school-aged boys from around the neighborhood as members. His best friend, Alfalfa, has been chosen as the driver for the club's prize-winning go-kart, called "The Blur", in the annual Soap Box Derby style race. However, when the announcement is made, Alfalfa is nowhere to be found.

Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire

Lynette Hansen is a single mother who forbids her children Adam and Chelsea to go out for their misbehaviours while Chelsea tries to keep a date with her boy friend and Adam get a scored ticket for a rock concert from his best friend. To make their mother go out, Chelsea finds a way of arranging for her a blind date with a mysterious man who turns out to be a vampire.

The Last Flight of Noah's

When Noah Dugan agrees to fly missionary Bernadette Lafleur and her cargo of animals to a remote island. What neither of them know is that Miss Lafleur's transistor radio has interfered with the plane's instruments and they're all now miles off course. After a forced landing on a remote island.

Never Heard


Never Heard

A wrongly accused man's son finds himself in hot water with his life at risk after his friend Diggy decides to partner with one of the biggest drug dealers in the city leaving a large debt to be recouped.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid is a story about Greg Heffley. For him, the high school seems like a stupid place. It's just 1 battle with hundreds of buried mines, most of them are violent fools, and the lunch is thrown away on the canteen floor or piece of cheese with grisly smell. How is Grey Heffley's fate when he goes to this school everyday?

Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True

Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True ( Also Known As: Askepot 2 - Drømmen bliver til virkelighed) is an Animation Family Fantasy film directed by John Kafka and written by Jill E. Blotevogel (screenplay) (as Jill Blotevogel), Tom Rogers (screenplay). It released on Video 26 February 2002. The film stars Jennifer Hale, Rob Paulsen, Corey Burton .Jacques and Gus tell the story of how Cinderella becomes a princess but loses touch with herself.

Ghost Squad


Ghost Squad

“Ghost Squad” tells a story of Charlie, Alex and Nick, three unusual kids, not cool to the others arround their small town. They spend time pursuing mythical beasts and ghosts, but they totally know nothing about what will happen to them later.

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 2

In this season, Jade finds herself in 1976 where she encounters Jackie and Uncle. Jackie and Uncle try to study the marking on the statue of Lo Pei, the warrior who scattered the Talismans, hoping to find clues to the remaining ones.

The Rooftop Christmas Tree

A man puts a tree on his roof and decorates it for Christmas, and he gets arrested for it every year. Determined to keep him out of jail, a judge orders an attorney and a prosecutor to work together to defend him.

The Adventures of Petey and Friends

An animated film about the story of a fighter named Petey, then Desert Sky Air Force headquarters received an urgent task and then the task was entrusted to Pytey, this task can be said is very important for the world in which Petey must land down to airbase. Pytey must find out every way to rescue his best friend and to complete this important task.




When the groom's oldest friend, Cole, finds out his best friend, Jason, is getting married, he escapes from the institution he has been incarcerated in and makes a surprise visit to serve as best man.

Dexter's Laboratory - Season 4

In this season, Dexter "fires" Dee Dee, only to realize that the chaos she causes has been helping him concentrate. Dexter brings the caveman who first discovered fire back from the past, who acts like Dee Dee and starts smashing the lab.




The movie tells the story of Kat and Ben, both locked in affairs, desire more from life. One day they encounter and quickly have feelings for each other. However, right that night, they meet their lovers there too...

Mistletoe Over Manhattan

After sensing her husband is losing his Christmas spirit, Mrs. Claus travels to a place where she knows the spirit of Christmas still exists: New York City. In the process she finds a great family who really needs her help.

Christmas With Holly

Holly Nolan has not spoken a word since her mother died in a tragic car accident. She is taken care by her three uncles. And the story unfolds as all of them find the importance of family.

Darkwing Duck - Season 1

The citizens of St. Canard are seriously and increasingly harassed by the most bizarre crimes, but at least they can lean on their protector, the odd and self-conceit superhero Darkwing Duck, and his aid crew including dumb pilot sidekick, Launchpad McQuack and his stubborn adopted daughter, Gosalyn.




A spectacular sled race through the village. Frankie-Four-Eyes and his team, including Sophie as the driver, take on the newcomers: the mysterious and conceited Zac and his athletic cousin Charlie.

Kim Possible the Secret Files

Ron owns a petnaked mole rat named Rufus, who proves an excellent aide to Ron and Kim in their many battles versus Dr. Drakken and various other foes. Ron is also the main source of comic relief for the show. During the show, Kim and Ron progress through the high school.

Let It Shine


Let It Shine

In this musical drama, Cyrus is a young hip-hop wannabe from Atlanta City, who struggles to realize his dream when his best friends steals all of his creativity. To make matters worse, his dream girl seems to be falling for the wrong guy. What will Cyrus do to take up the stage and let his talent truly shine?




A male Cinderella is received the spell from the fairy godfather which makes him become a handsome man. He confronts and falls in love with princess , however, he must remember the warn of his fairy godfather.

Santa's Summer House

The film concentrates on a dense fog changing a group of discontent vacationers with many surprise events which they never could have imagined. How do they treat?

The Amazing World of Gumball - Season 2

The second season of The Amazing World of Gumball consists of 40 episodes. The season debuted on August 7, 2012 and ended on December 3, 2013. In this season, Gumball Watterson and Darwin create even more mischiefs than the first at their family and Elmore Junior High.

Looking For Jackie

Zhang Yi-shan (Yishan Zhang) is a 16-year-old boy living in Indonesia with his grandmother. After being bullied, he comes to China to meet his idol Jackie Chan, the undefeated Kung Fu Master who dishes out the action in traditional Jackie Chan style, and becomes his disciple. Jackie not only teaches him how to fight but also give him some important life lessons




An intelligent, lovable robot is stolen from a secret research facility and found by a 15-year-old teenager named James. Soon the two begin to communicate and create a bond in which F.R.E.D.I. learns about teenage life and James learns about some new values.

Shrek Forever After

Only a few years ago , there is a happy ogress Shrek in the swamp. But now, still at the old place but Shrek has to take care of the family, everyday, he changes diapers for 3 children.That everything goes on regularly during a long time outs him into a severe crisis: the crisis of marriage the cricis of being on middle period.

Black Beauty (1994)

The film is about a majestic stallion named Black Beauty, and the various owners whose lives he transforms, both good and bad, until Black Beauty finally finds happiness and contentment.

Claras Ghost


Claras Ghost

The movie centers on Clara Reynolds who, fed up with constant ribbing from her self-absorbed showbiz family, finds solace in and guidance from the supernatural force she believes is haunting her.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 2

The season opens with Lord Zedd, Rita's superior, arriving at Rita's Moon Palace, where he takes her place and throws her into a space dumpster again. He then begins his own campaign to conquer Earth...

Mrs Doubtfire


Mrs Doubtfire

Daniel Hillard's job is dubbing for animation. He loves, cares and spends much time on his children while his wife Miranda is now engrossed with her career. Not accept the judge's ruling on custody, Daniel fights for custody by his talent
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