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Drama Movies

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The content of this movie is about a man waking up in a hospital bed, badly injured and can not remember anything, sometimes is a few pieces of fleeting memories of the accident. Appearing in front...




Inspired from Babel tower, the film is about a couple who travel to Americe. After the voice of a explosive bullet, a series of events happen. The couple has to set off dangerous adventures from...

Dragon Wars: D-War

The good and the bad meet together in a fight that happens only every 500 years. The good takes a serpant form, the bad - a dragon. Remembering his meeting long ago with a antique shop owner, Ethan...

In Bruges


In Bruges

A difficult job has resulted in hit men Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson) being ordered right before Christmas by their London boss Harry to go and cool their heels. The problem is Bruges...

Gotham - Season 3

In this season, Gordon works in a monster-ridden Gotham as a bounty hunter. Bruce's doppelganger roams the streets and Barbara and Tabitha open a nightclub called The Sirens. Fish Mooney takes...

The Truman Show

Truman Burbank is the main character of The Truman Show, a reality television program in which each moment of his life from his birth is filmed by thousands of hidden cameras and is broadcast live...

Saint Ralph


Saint Ralph

Discovers that his hospitalized mother has slipped into a coma, fourteen year old Ralph Walker decides to run in the Boston Marathon and wows everybody with his victory.

No Mans Land


No Mans Land

One of the best lawyers is hire to go to a desolate desert in northwestern China to defend for a poacher who kills a police officer. Although he is successful with the case and the poacher is...

House M.D. - Season 7

As the season 7 of House M.D opens, House and Cuddy take the day off in attempt to rebuild their relationship. House and his team race against time to help an author who is suffering a sudden attack...

The Last Ship - Season 3

In this season, the crew of the Nathan James shifts their attention to Asia after President Michener hears rumblings that the Chinese leader, President Peng, has been hoarding the "Scott cure"...

Is This the Real World

Mark locks into a relentless battle of wills with a controlling teacher, while his family is breaking apart. His life seems like a hopeless affair except for Kim, the girl with whom he first...

The Quad - Season 2

Season 2 opens with Eva making Cedric an offer he can't refuse; Cecil Diamond receiving harrowing news; an ominous Twitter feed rocking GAMU's campus; Noni getting advice from an unlikely ally;...

Good Behavior - Season 2

In Season 2 opener, Jacob is in their custody; and Letty and Javier are settling in a quaint beach town. Only, Letty is still stealing and Javier is still killing. When a hit goes wrong for Javier,...

Blood In Blood Out

It follows the three friends who are living in the East Los Angeles of 1972, Miklo (Damian Chapa), Paco (Benjamin Bratt) and Cruz (Jesse Borrego). The story centers on how is a violent crime and the...

Good Night and Good Luck

The film features Edward R. Murrow veteran radio and television journalist who conflicts with Joseph MacCarthy, a U.S. Senator of Wiscosin, particularly involving the activities of anti-Communist...

Rogue - Season 3

In this season, Ethan heads to Chicago to investigate notorious attorney Marty Stein. Grace works to escape. Ethan reconnects with his father. Escalating gang warfare spills into the suburbs.

Les Yeux Jaunes Des Crocodiles

Les Yeux Jaunes Des Crocodiles is a interesting story about two sisters and their families. This film is about many problem in social now such as relationships with friends, life, bitter sweet taste...

Five Corners


Five Corners

A violent and psychotic rapist is released from prison and returns to his old neighbourhood to seek out the woman he previously tried to rape and the man who protected her, with twisted ideas of love...

Too Close to Home - Season 1

A wonderful drama, is directed by Tyler Perry and starring Brooke Anne Smith, Brock O'Hurn as well as Brad Benedict, highlights the story of political career path of a young female politician. She...

The Misfits


The Misfits

Set in early-sixties Nevada, a sexy divorcée fell in love with an cowboy - Gay who was struggling to maintain his romantically independent lifestyle. When she learnt that Gay, Guido and Perce were...

NYPD Blue – Season 5

Committed to reflecting reality, this series portrays the mature themes of life in the police department of New York City with an unprecedented combination of real life, real language and real...

Go North


Go North

A global event causes pandemonium, chaos, and death, leaving the community with zero living adults. The movie follows a group of teenagers as they ventures into the unknown to find family and some...

Rush (1991)


Rush (1991)

A narcotics detective and his naive rookie partner go undercover to expose an elusive drug dealer in Texas in the 1970s. They both become drug addicts themselves, threatening to destroy the whole...

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

A British comedy-drama film revolving around a group of British retirees who travel to India to take up residence in what's advertised to be a newly restored hotel: the Marigold hotel. Although less...

The Strain - Season 1

The Strain is a TV series directed by Guillermo del Toro - a famous producer. Based on the novel of the same name by the del Toro is the co-author, The Strain revolves around a vampire virus epidemic...




A pistol-packing teen meets an unstable rebel and a cocaine-snorting drifter as she hitchhikes her way out West in order to escape her life in Nebraska and her alcoholic parents. But she soon gets...

Hart of Dixie - Season 2

After a while to settle down, Dr. Zoe Hart is getting acquainted with her new life in the small town of BlueBell, in fact, she finds herself trapped in a web of her own making. To whom will her heart...

Day Break - Season 1

Due to a time loop, Detective Brett Hopper lives the same day over and over. And what a bad day it is: among other things, his girlfriend is killed, and he is framed for a murder he didn't commit.
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