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Drama Movies

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Snow In Paradise

Snow In Paradise is a story about a thug, Dave lives with drug and violent. When what he does hurt his family, he regrets and feels reproachful. Since then he wants to have peaceful life.

And Then There Were None - Season 1

10 strangers have been invited to a island that they may wish they had not agreed to come at all. Take place in England 1939, the series creates a mystery. On the Soldier Island, 10 people slowly...

The Mentalist - Season 1

After his wife and daughter got killed by a serial murderer named Red John, Patrick Jane, a former psychic, starts to work as an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation,...

Nosferatu the Vampyre

Jonathan arrives at Count Dracula's castle to sell him a house in Varna. Upon seeing small portrait of Lucy - Jonathan's wife ,the Count immediately says yes to the deal, knowing he can be neighbor...

Music City - Season 2

"Music City" is a docuseries that follows some young adults who are entering the next phase in their lives. These friends are chasing their dreams of success, love and fame in Nashville. The road is...

71: Into The Fire

The film is based on a true story told about 71 students, they fought with hundreds of North Korean soldiers in front of a secondary school on 25 / 6-1950. Kap Jo was a student convicted of murder....

Radio Rebel


Radio Rebel

Tara Adams is just an ordinary high school junior... except for one little thing. Tara's got a secret-a secret identity, in fact; she's Radio Rebel, the most popular radio DJ in Seattle. Everything...

1992 - Season 1

The TV thriller centers on six ordinary people whose lives are shattered by the socio-political earthquake set in motion by this judicial operation of unprecedented scope and power. These six...

Baek Hee Has Returned

Baek-hee returns to her hometown after 18 years with her daughter Ok-hee, who looks just like her. There, they begin to truly understand each other as they spend time together in Baek-hee’s...

American Graffiti

American Graffiti is set in the evening before best friends and recent high school graduates, Curt Henderson and Steve Bolander. They are scheduled to leave town to head to college back east. They...

The Big Chill


The Big Chill

A group of seven former college friends gather for a weekend reunion at a South Carolina winter house after the funeral of one of their friends. There they confront the personal truths, sacrifices...




In 1554 in England, Henry VIII died, the country was divided, Christians opposed to Protestantism. Mary, eldest daughter of King Henry, an ardent follower of Christianity, became queen. But she had...

George Gently - Season 8

Season 8 opens with DCI Gently re-opening Bacchus' old case of a couple's quarrel. A woman was convicted of her husband's murder. His reputation remains up in the air as he investigates the case.

A Prophet


A Prophet

The film is on the subject prison of director Jacques Audiard, A Prophet (Un Prophete is the original title), tells the story of a young Arab is sent to a French prison where he becomes a mafia boss....




A man watches his life unravel after he is left by his girlfriend of 10 years. Now he decides to direct an unhinged staging of Chekhov's "The Seagull," attend the Passover Seder from hell, and...




A man wakes one morning to find his wife missing. In her place is a mysterious recording that demands him to follow a specific set of instructions if he ever wants to see her again. The film explores...




It was about a guy, who was bored with his life. Rocky Balboa went into the ring and beat the boxing champion. Fate smiled and handed him a full punch to opponent, and even a heart of passion for...

New Tales of the Gisaeng

Da Sa-Ran is a beautiful and talented dancer but comes from a poor family. When her father remarries an unkind woman, her life even gets worse, forcing her to become a gisaeng. And it marks a whole...

Little Women (1933)

Set in Concord, Massachusetts when civil war is in the hottest period, the film is about 4 sisters: Jo March, Meg March, Beth and Amy March. Amy is a beautiful girl, Beth is quite sensitive, Meg has...

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain

A snowstorm strands former professional hockey player Eric LeMarque (Josh Hartnett) atop a Mountain for eight days. Coming to terms with his personal demons, he soon rediscovers the power of faith...




Kokoda (2006) is an action which takes places in World War II. It revolves around a bitter battle between Australian and Japanese soldiers along the Kokoda trail in New Guinea.

Queen of the South - Season 1

Queen of the South tells the powerful story of Teresa Mendoza, a woman who is forced to run and seek refuge in America, where she looks to become the country's reigning drug smuggler and to avenge...

Rogue - Season 2

In Season 2, Grace is on a special FBI Taskforce for a prostitution ring. Her home life is about to be complicated by her mother, Vivian, who shows up after a long absence. Tom has something to say...

Missing Nine


Missing Nine

What would 9 survivors of an unexpected plane crash endure to remain alive till the end? The drama will help you answer the questions! The nine includes a fallen boy band member dealing with a...

Blade Man


Blade Man

Joo Hong Bin, the CEO of a game company, has got everything. However, he is so ill-tempered, can called the worst guy on the planet. One day, this guy turns into a monster. When it rains, he becomes...

The Pirates of Somalia

The movie follows an ambitious young journalist named Jay Bahadur who embeds himself with a dangerous band of pirates in Somalia to get an unfiltered investigative perspective. His plan provides the...

Boarding House Number 24

The film tells the story of six friends with different personalities and characteristics moving to the same motel, which they do not realize is not coincidental that they become roommates: that is...

The L Word - Season 6

The series continues revolving around a group of lesbian who struggle to live, love, and work in Los Angeles. The season begins when the secret of a major character is revealed, which causes a lot of...

Killing Kennedy

The story takes place on a film set in 1959 in Washington, D.C. It is about two death of two very important persons which rocks the entire country. What is conspiracy when John F. Kennedy prepares...

The Skeleton Twins

The Skeleton Twins film content: Two twin Baggio and Milo separated since they were little, now reunited when they are in a dangerous situation. They decide to meet each other to find out the reason...
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