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Documentary Movies

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Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures is a full-length documentary about the paranormal that premiered on October 17, 2008 on the Travel Channel. In this film, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin visit the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada, and the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada - the two locations that are reported to be haunted.

Chasing Ice


Chasing Ice

This documentary film is captured by enviromental photographer James Balog on his journey to find out the effect of global warming to glaciers in Greenland, Iceland and Alaska. Balog and his team deploy cameras that use time-lapse photography though several important places in the Arctic to capture a time-series record of the world's glaciers. The film has a great impact to public awareness of global warming and climate change.

Paranormal Survivor - Season 2

In the premiere episode of Season 2, a farmer is assaulted by the spirits of the former owners and a woman is attacked by the ghost of someone close to her. Later, an angry spirit torments a young boy in the worst night of his life; and an extremely unwelcome guest crashes a teenager's birthday party.

Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present

The documentary leads the audience discover the extraordinary art world of Marina Abramović. She accepts many difficulties to use her own body to create great performances. She proves that no distinction between life and art.

Servant or Slave

In Australia, during the era of the Stolen Generations, five Indigenous Australian women were removed from their families and forced against their will to serve in cruel conditions amounting to secret slavery.

The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years

In this follow-up to the 1981 punk rock documentary "The Decline of Western Civilization," filmmaker Penelope Spheeris dissects the world of heavy metal, scanning the heavy-metal music scene: Alice Cooper, Lizzy Borden, Poison, Aerosmith, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne.

Parenting for Idiots - Season 1

Despite their fame and fortune, even celebrities can be at their wits end when it comes to raising their kids. The series acknowledges the painful truth that parents can be afraid to admit: nobody really knows what they're doing.

Dirty Wars


Dirty Wars

"Dirty Wars" is a documentary film following the investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill to Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and other countries where the United States has taken military action in the War on Terror. During the journey, he reveals truths behind the wars which are covered up by the US Army and Government and provides audiences with multiple perspectives of both proponents and opponents.

Michael Jackson's This Is It

Legendary musical superstar Michael Jackson takes the stage one last time in this theatrical concert film compiled from over 100 hours of rehearsal footage for the 50 shows he had been scheduled to perform at London's O2 arena at the time of his death. Take a trip behind the scenes to see the mastermind behind such classic pop hits as "Thriller" and "Billie Jean" prepare for the concert that would have crowned his entire career.

The Bible - Season 1

The series includes "obvious" stories such as Noah's Ark, the Exodus, and the life of Jesus Christ. It also reveals new insights into many of the key biblical characters in the Old and New Testaments.

Destination Truth - Season 1

The film opens with the main character is Gates. This time, he and his team venture out to various locations around the world where Gates interviews witnesses, reviews any physical evidence they might have, and researches the local history.

King Of The Road (US) - Season 3

The American road trip gets kicked in the nuts with Thrasher Magazine's annual scavenger hunt. Three teams of the world's best skaters go on the adventure of a lifetime, putting their life, limb, and dignity in increasingly-ridiculous peril.

A Crime to Remember - Season 2

Season 2 begins with Candy Mossler discovering her multi-millionaire husband, Jacques, stabbed to death in their house, a case which involves twisted secrets of incest and homosexual affairs. It then follows respected Dr. Leroy Adams who is killed by a gun in his office, and Kitty Genovese being raped and stabbed to death outside her apartment building while her neighbors watch and do nothing...

Jodorowsky's Dune

The documentary helps the audience understand increasingly about the tale of Jodorowsky who experiences a wonderful trip through magic world of creativity and imagination. His efforts for pursuing the dream is a meaning lesson.

Generation Iron 3

Traveling across the world including India, Brazil, Europe, Africa, Canada, and the USA - Generation Iron 3 will interview and follow bodybuilders, trainers, experts, and fans to determine what the universal ideal physique should look like. With so many divisions appearing within the bodybuilding leagues - what body type should be championed as the absolute best in the world?

Coming to My Senses

In 1999 Aaron Baker broke his neck in a motocross accident, leaving him completely paralyzed from the neck down. But now he fights against the odds for some mobility as he pursues a dream of returning to some of the athletic endeavors that he has loved all his life.

Do You Want to Win?

One morning in October 1988, Howard Wilkinson walked into history. History was Elland Road; the great football stadium in Leeds, built by the efforts of Don Revie; home to one of the greatest club sides in Europe, built by Don Revie. But on that morning, Leeds United were 21st in Football League Division Two, and now Howard Wilkinson was here, history had to go. He met his new employers, cracked jokes with the press, and got to work.

The Nightmare


The Nightmare

A documentary-horror film concentrated on eight people suffering from a phenomenon called "Sleep Paralysis'. These people often find themselve unable to move, speak or react to anything while being subject to frequently disturbing sights and sounds. Occasionally this paralysis will be accompanied by physical experiences or hallucinations. In the film, Ascher interviews each participant and then tries to re-create their experiences on film with professional actors.




Sexts, lies, and Carlos Danger: watch the wildest political meltdown in recent history as it unfolds. Former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) runs for mayor of New York in 2013, but a new sex scandal ruins his attempt at a political comeback.

Fact or Faked Paranormal Files - Season 01

Opens the investigation, Ben and his investigative team go to Savannah, Georgia, to debunk a police chase video of a "ghost car" which seemingly evades pursuit. Meanwhile, Bill leads the second team to Phoenix, Arizona, where they attempt to recreate a video...

Chefs Table - Season 01

Season 1 focuses on the lives and kitchens of world-famous chefs. This season features chef's Massimo Bottura, Francis Mallmann and Ben Shewry. In this Emmy-nominated docuseries, find out what's inside the kitchens and minds of the international culinary stars.

A Ballerinas Tale

A Ballerina's Tale is a 2015 American Documentary film directed by Nelson George. The film Released on 14 October 2015. The film stars Misty Copeland, Deirdre Kelly, Susan Fales-Hill. The story is about an African American ballerina Misty Copeland that examines her prodigious rise, her potentially career ending injury alongside themes of race and body image in the elite ballet world. Problems and secrets are ahead. What await them? Watch the film and discover by yourself.

Rolling Papers

The documentary looks at the first year of recreational marijuana sales in the world via the lens of a daily newspaper (and its all-weed website) covering the newly legal plant as if it were any other industry.

The Force


The Force

This documentary describes two years of efforts by the Oakland Police Department to implement reforms against police misconduct and scandals, at a time of growing social unrest, protests demanding increased police accountability, and ongoing federal oversight.

Prescription Thugs

In this documentary, director Chris Bell, whose name is known for his previous "Bigger, Stronger, Faster", examines prescription-drug abuse and the role that the pharmaceutical industry and doctors play in perpetuating it. As Bell learns more about the nefarious side of this industry, he falls down his own hole of addiction, bringing a very intimate style and conclusion to this investigation.

American Pickers - Season 20

The show follows antique and collectible pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz who travel around the United States to buy or "pick" various items for resale, for clients, or for their personal collections. Danielle Colby runs the office of Wolfe's business, Antique Archaeology, from their home base in Le Claire, Iowa, and more recently at a second location in Nashville, Tennessee.

Flint Town - Season 01

In the aftermath of the Flint water crisis, Flint Town takes an intimate look at the state of policing in America through the lens of the Flint Police Department. Flint, Mich. is consistently named one of the most violent cities in America and the community is still grappling with the coverup of a citywide water contamination, leading to a massive distrust in law enforcement officials.

The Fear Of 13

From director David Sington, "The Fear of 13" is a stylistically foolhardy experiment in documentary genre, which includes both confessions and performance. Nick, a death row inmate, tells a tale with all the twists and turns of classic crime drama. A final shocking twist casts everything in a new light.
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