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Documentary Movies

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Springsteen and I

A documentary-biographical film directed by Baillie Walsh and about Bruce Springsteen. Through conversations with Springsteen and his world-wide fans, the film discover some of the most unusual and...

Lambert and Stamp

The documentary film is inspired by two aspiring filmmakers Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert. Searching a subject for their underground movie leads them to discover, mentor and manage an English rock band...

The Bad Kids


The Bad Kids

Black Rock High School in the Mojave Desert offers an alternative to the regular school system where these kinds of kids are left to falter, often dropping out. There, the teachers take an...

The Last Defense - Season 1

This series explores and exposes flaws in the American justice system by returning to the scene of the crime in each case, re-interviewing witnesses and delving beyond the details of the court...

In My Fathers House

Set against the crumbling landscape of Chicago's battered south side, film is a yearlong journey from homelessness and alcoholism to self-discovery and redemption as Grammy-winning rapper Che...

The Free Man


The Free Man

In this extreme sports documentary feature focused on the athletes, Olympic freestyle skier Jossi Wells takes up the challenge of new extreme sports in which he has no experience at all. This is the...

Hot Girls Wanted Turned On - Season 01

The documentary will answer the question: how will they deal with this porn which seems to be mainstream. Porn can lead the people whose lives depend on it to unexpected consequences.

The Bits of Yesterday

Most everyone likes or has played a video game once in their lives and these individuals are of no exception. This panoptic documentary is on the niche culture of the retro video game collector. It...

Life (2009) - Season 01

In season 1 opener, David Attenborough shows us how some animals have evolved new hunting, mating and parental techniques to help them survive the challenges of life.

Akil the Fugitive Hunter - Season 01

Akil Muhammad, a modern-day superhero, grows up in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles. He saw thugs and gangsters committing crimes with impunity. On the verge of entering into the criminal world...

Alone - Season 01

Ten contestants are dropped off in remote areas, far enough apart to ensure that they will not come in contact with one another. Contestants each select 10 items of survival gear from a pre-approved...

Galapagos - Season 01

The series begins with the birth of the islands and an exploration of what makes them unique. When Charles Darwin visited the Galapágos Islands in 1835, his experiences and studies of the unique...




This documentary revolves around four sommeliers. They attempt to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, a test with one of the lowest pass rates in the world. Can they pass this exam? Let's...

I Am Chris Farley

A documentary film is inspired by the life of a comedian named Chris Farley who brings a lot of laughs to people arround him. The film is a story tells an interesting story of Chris Farley, from this...

The Bandit


The Bandit

In this documentary, 70’s superstar Burt Reynolds and other crew members from the 1977 classic "Smokey and the Bandit" share their experiences with the late director and stuntman Hal Needham.

More Than a Game

More Than a Game (Also Known As: Mais do Que Um Jogo) is a documentary film directed by Kristopher Belman and written by Kristopher Belman, Brad Hogan. It released on 16 October 2009 (Taiwan). The...

That Guy Dick Miller

The documentary tells about the life and acting career of Dick Miller, who has performed in over 170 roles in various films and television shows as a character actor. It features several interviews,...

The White Helmets

The movie follows three Syrian Defense Force volunteers who put their lives on the line to save civilians amidst the turmoil and violence in Syria and Turkey.

Teen Mom - Season 7

In the season premiere, Nathan threatens Jenelle with felony charges. Leah gets sad news about Ali while waiting to hear if she'll lose custody of the twins. Kailyn tries to rebuild her relationship...




More than 30 hours of interviews with famed Academy Award winning director Steven Spielberg shed light on the life and career of one of the most influential film directors of all time.

The First Monday In May

With unprecedented access, filmmaker Andrew Rossi examines an exhibit at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art that showcases Chinese-inspired Western fashions as well as captures the collusion of...

Orangutan Island - Season 1

While desperate struggle for survival is raging deep in the heart of Borneo's forests, a group of orphaned orangutans at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center are raised to...

I Am JFK Jr.


I Am JFK Jr.

I Am JFK Jr. a new documentary that examines the life of John F. Kennedy Jr. through those who knew him best. It is the story of a young man destined for greatness, but determined to be good in a...

The Grown Ups


The Grown Ups

The film opens 40 years after a group of friends with Down syndrome having attended a school. Now they will have to fight to get better jobs, earn a living like everyone else, learn to take care of...

Ice Road Truckers - Season 4

In this season, the truckers on the Dalton Highway must move 2500 loads totaling nearly 50 million pounds within 90 days. Newcomer Greg races to reignite his rivalry with Jack, before a devastating...




This feature-length documentary explores the media revolution of vlogging by following some of YouTube's top vloggers to find out what really happens behind the camera.

Finding Vivian Maier

The documentary helps the audience understand increasingly the most brilliant street photographers in the 20th century. Vivian Maier was a nanny who secretly took over 100,000 great photographs which...
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