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Documentary Movies

Watch Documentary online for free with HD streaming. List of great film of Documentary. Watch Documentary online for free without sign up and downloading. No Ads.

When We Rise - Season 1

The series is a chronicled re-telling the gay rights movement in the United States, beginning with the Stonewall riots in 1969. It depicts the personal and political struggles, set-backs and triumphs...

Shot In The Dark

Documentary Filmmaker Adrian Grenier documents his attempt to reunite with his estranged father. And Adrian goes on a quest with his best friend to meet his father. Film with the appearance of many...

Dirty Old Wedge

The Wedge is famous location with powerful artificial waves is built in the 1930's. Every years, many people who take risk always come here to challenge themselves with the huge waves.

A Leaf of Faith

Opioid painkillers are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. What if there is a plant that does what opioids do, but doesn't carry with it many of the deadly side effects,...

What Happened, Miss Simone?

Using never-before-heard recordings, rare archival footage and her best-known songs, this is about the life of legend Nina Simone, an American singer, pianist, and civil rights activist labeled the...

Ice Road Truckers - Season 2

In this season, four ice road truckers drive the most isolated and dangerous ice roads in North America. The drivers of the tundra must carry vital equipment to remote outposts located hundreds of...




A documentary on Michael Ruppert, a police officer turned independent reporter who managed to predict the massive Wall Street crash of 2008 years before it happened in his self-published newsletter,...

Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer is shockingly, disturbingly, infuriatingly a true story about who served 18 years in prison for the sexual assault and attempted murder of Penny Beerntsen, and who was exonerated in...

After Porn Ends 2

Ever wonder what happens to porn stars after they leave the industry? The filmmakers delve into society's ongoing stigmas of race, misogyny, and the reality of decreasing opportunities for former VHS...

Congo: The Grand Inga Project

Kayak icon Steve Fisher leads a team gathered from the bravest and most skillful paddlers on Earth in his challenge: take a first descent of the Inga Rapids. Even the deadly stretch of whitewater...

David Bowie: The Last Five Years

The exceptional documentary focuses on the final years of David Bowie, in which Bowie came out of presumed retirement to complete two albums (no interviews, no announcements) and a musical.




The movie follows three startups from around the world as they descend on San Francisco for AngelHack’s Silicon Valley Week. It paints a fascinating portrait of a new American Dream spread across a...

Nathan For You - Season 3

Throughout Season 3 of Nathan Fielder’s comedy reality show Natan for You, he refuses to settle for “good enough”. Nathan restricts his vision with every small businesman he helps by giving...

Clinton Cash


Clinton Cash

Clinton Cash is an investigation of the foreign benefactors of Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the...

The Last Man on the Moon

Cernan, who stepped off the moon in December 1972, is proud of what he accomplished, calling himself the luckiest man in the world for all that he got to see. Only now is he ready to share his epic...

A Haunting - Season 2

Season 2 opens with the owner of a country music dance hall becoming worried when his pregnant wife blames a dangerous fall on a ghost and his handyman exhibits signs of demonic possession.

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

The film profiles eight former members of the Church of Scientology, whose most prominent adherents, and reveals abuses and strange practices within the controversial organization.

Chasing Niagara

The film follows Rafa Ortiz, a celebrated pioneer of big waterfall kayaking, as he pushes himself to the limit and redefines his sport by daring to dream the impossible, successfully descending...

Taking The Curve

Flat Earth, is it a myth? More proof than ever before, technology sometimes provides us with answer's to life's greatest mystery's. Before the modern era of science, the Earth was thought to be a...

Banking on Bitcoin

Not since the invention of the Internet has there been such a disruptive technology as Bitcoin. An in-depth coverage of key players in the space will give an insight into how they think this...




The documentary tells the life of a former football player - Steve Gleason putting up a good fight for ALS disease he gets.He makes a video diary as a gift for his family, friend and ALS patient...




Not everyone believes in ghosts, including some of the people trying to find them. Four filmmakers participate in a humorous quest to see if ghosts really exist. Eight months in five states,...

A Haunting - Season 8

An American paranormal previewing stories told by victims, who tell their frightening encounters with the paranormal. The story based on a true event about a family, which is haunted by what is...

This is High School - Season 1

The new six-part documentary on the real staff and students at South Kamloops Secondary School. It wasn't long before students and adults forgot the cameras were rolling.

Silicon Cowboys

Three friends dream up the Compaq portable computer at a Texas diner in 1981, and soon find themselves battling mighty IBM, for PC supremacy. The movie traces the rise, and eventual demise, of the...

Demetri Martin: Live (At the Time)

Demetri Martin’s comedy style is summed up pretty much perfectly in the title of his latest stand-up special, his first in three years. Martin covers, among another things, “hairless cats, color...

Terror in the Woods - Season 01

In season 1 opener, while traveling for a friend's wedding, James & Weste begrudgingly accept an offer to stay in an abandoned cabin in the woods. A night of terror ensues, with paranormal encounters...
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