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Documentary Movies

Watch Documentary online for free with HD streaming. List of great film of Documentary. Watch Documentary online for free without sign up and downloading. No Ads.

Ghost Hunters - Season 10

Season 10 of Ghost Hunters begins with TAPS who look for traces of the ghosts of the founding family members. They join in the investigation of the Wild Turkey Distillery in Kentucky.

Heaven Adores You

"Heaven adores you" is like a intimate, meditative inquiry into the life and music of Elliott Smith. Set in three major cities he lived in: Portland, New York City, Los Angeles , the film gives us...

Africa (2013) - Season 01

It takes places in Africa, the world's wildest continent and David Attenborough takes us on an awe-inspiring journey through one of the most diverse places in the world. We visit deserts, savannas,...

Ice Road Truckers - Season 6

In this season, Alex heads farther north than ever before on the deadly Dempster. Later, he drives on the Arctic Ocean, to the northernmost Canadian village accessible by ice road. Hugh and Rick...

What our Fathers Did a Nazi Legacy

In this deceptively understated documentary, a human-rights lawyer conducts conversations with two men whose fathers were indicted as war criminals for their roles in WWII - Nazi Governors to know...

Autism in Love

This movie tells three stories about people on the autism spectrum coping with the challenges of romantic relationships. Autism in Love will take audiences on a journey that urges them question and...

Back In Time


Back In Time

The movie is a look at the very real impact the Back to the Future movies have had on our culture. The film includes footage of various cast and crew members of the Back to the Future film series...

Weediquette - Season 3

One of Viceland's hit shows, Weediquette with Krishna Andavolu, comes back in light of its success. In the season premiere, Krishna follows a Virginia family torn apart by deportation due to a weed...

MythBusters - Season 13

2014 was announced to be the last season with the join of Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara. With interesting fun tests around the households in "DO try this at home?", or how appearance...

Murph: The Protector

The biography film depicts the life of Michael Murphy who is considered the real American hero. Michael is one selfless soldier of the US SEAL Teams, who gave his life for his men in 2005 and was...

Can We Take a Joke?

The film explores how outrage mobs have ruined our ability to recover from tragedies and reduced the genuine assistance victims receive through the lens of stand-up comedy, with notables like Gilbert...

MythBusters - Season 3

In this season you'll join Jamie and Adam's adventures dealing with the great myths like whether or not it's possible to bust out of jail using only salsa :will mild or hot be the best choice? or a...

If You're Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast

The documentary asks the question, "What's the secret to living into your 90s - and loving every minute of it?" Carl Reiner tracks down several nonagenarians to show how the twilight years can be...

The Search for Freedom

“The Search For Freedom” is a film of a cultural revolution beginning from the desire to live of human being. It brings a lot of precious experience seen by several pioneers, great names and...

Darkness - Season 01

The film concentrates on survivalists attempting to find the way and exit complete darkness for up to six days. What challenge must they face to attain their goal? Let’s see the movie.

A Week in Watts

A Week in Watts is a feature length documentary that follows Los Angeles police officers as they embark on an innovative program mentoring promising students from the harsh, gang-infested Watts...

Paranormal Survivor - Season 4

Season 4 continues to take you through terrifying real-life encounters with the supernatural. Hear from those who've faced these feared spirits, and watch dramatic recreations that lure people back...

Touching the Void

Touching the Void ( Also Known As: Sturz ins Leere ) is a documentary Adventure Drama film directed by Kevin Macdonald and written by David Darlow (script writer), Joe Simpson (book). It released on...




Once a year, thousands of baristas square off in competitions around the U.S., but only one will become the National Champion. If you think you know coffee, this film will make you think twice.

A Haunting - Season 9

In the season premiere, a family believes the ghost in their home is harmless until the children feel threatened, which prompts a plea to the Catholic Church to rid them of this evil demon.

Shahs of Sunset - Season 4

In this season, Reza steps in as the peacemaker and begins to realize that Mike's problems may be bigger than anyone imagined. With hopes of building a future together, Mike's girlfriend Jessica...

The Secret Life Of The Zoo - Season 2

In this season, two of Chester Zoo's zebras are about to give birth. Kendari the babirusa is pregnant, but otters Wallace and Annie keep throwing stones at her house. Penguin chick Munch fights for...

A Crime to Remember - Season 3

Season 3 continues with startling stories from old-days' most terrified crimes, with the murders of several young women whose bodies had been dumped, the scandalous deaths of a pin-up model and two...

Mysteries at the Museum - Season 21

The extraordinary, often bizarre treasures housed in America's museums represent wondrous chapters in history, but a physical display can tell only part of their story. Behind each artefact are...

The Armstrong Lie

Director Alex Gibney captures the story about Lance Amstrong - everyone's favorite cyclist who owns seven Tour de France titles on his successful career until the epic downfall in 2012 due to doping...
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