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Comedy Movies

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Community - Season 6

In the final renewal of the famous smart comedy series, Community's sixth season not only brings us the insanity we've loved for the past five years, but also brings us a finale so perfectly-pitched...

That Peter Kay Thing - Season 1

In this comedy series, Peter Kay plays 15 unique charcters, both male and female in and around Bolton, including Mr Softee the ice-cream man; Leonard, the oldest paper boy in Britain; Mark Park the...

The Lords of Flatbush

4 young men who still at college form a group of gangster in Brooklyn 1958. They tend to use violent acts to solve their problems. Until one day, Stanley and his girlfriend decide to get married....

Roman Holiday


Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday content: the story of the romance of a princess and a young journalist, theybbumpe into each other when a journalist he doen't know her identity. Then he leads her stroll around, which...

Courage The Cowardly Dog - Season 1

Courage is a young cowardly dog who lives with his owners Eustace and Muriel Bagg in Nowhere, Kansas. In order to save his beloved family from deadly weremoles, dark shadows and other sinister...

Design for Living

A woman cannot decide between two men who love her, and the trio agree to try living together in a platonic friendly relationship, making the rivalry between the two men heat up even further.




Starring Ali Landry, James Roday and Desmond Askew, this sci-fi comedy follows Max, a young geneticist who accidentally clones an adult-sized version of Kate, the girl of his dreams. It turns out to...

Lab Rats - Season 4

After a reunion ,Chase, Adam, Bree and Leo get a lesson that an evil rebellion can be formed to exact revenge, leading to a bionic battle of good versus evil. Mission completed, Adam and Leo decided...

The Good Dinosaur

Set in a world where dinosaurs never went extinct, the Pixar's production tells you a story about the abnormal friendship between Arlo, an Apatosaurus, and a prehistoric human child known as Spot....

Man Seeking Woman - Season 3

After being dumped by his longtime girlfriend, Josh struggles to find find a long-lasting love. His successful older sister and his sex-crazed friend try to give him their advise, but only send him...

Leprechaun 2


Leprechaun 2

In this darkly comic horror film, Warwick Davis stars as an evil Leprechaun who searched for a comely bride a thousand years ago. Now he's back in the big city using all of his deadly tricks to snare...

We the Party


We the Party

A comedy film set in Los Angeles focuses on five high school friends who have to face up with “romance, money, prom, college, sex, bullies, Facebook, fitting in, standing out and finding...

For Better or for Worse

The film follows a widow who finally settles in to single life after the death of her husband as she learns that perhaps there is such a thing as second chances when facing the pleasures and pains of...

The Pope of Greenwich Village

Charlie and his troublesome cousin Paulie decide to steal $150000 in order to back a "sure thing" race horse that Paulie has inside information on. The aftermath of the robbery gets them ...




This genre bending film, displays a young happily married couples whose dreams come true when the wife is pregnant. Is this a dream come true or a nightmare come to life?…

Charlie Wilsons War

Charlie Wilson War is a 2007 American film, about a CIA parliamentarian who collaborated with Afghanistan's army to fight against the Soviet Union. They cooperate very successfully but leave a really...

The Canterbury Tales

Pasolini's artistic, sometimes violent, always vividly cinematic retelling of some of Chaucer's most erotic tales. A host of passionate lovers unite for a glorious, sometimes unexpected journey...

Married With Children - Season 6

Season 6 opens with Marcy and Jefferson announcing that they are expecting a baby, sending Al into pearls of laughter saying that it's the end of Jefferson's life, until Peggy announces the same.

Girls - Season 2

In this season, Hannah gets unsolicited musical attention from heartbroken Adam and displeasing opinions on her writing from Sandy. Later, she gets a new freelance gig, and her editor suggests that...

Rush Hour


Rush Hour

The Chinese consul recruits the aid of a loyal Hong Kong inspector to help rescue his kidnapped daughter. Outlawed by the FBI, the inspector phải form an unlikely partnership with a cocky, street...

Gangsters, Gamblers and Geezers

Gangsters, Gamblers and Geezers's Amar Adatia and Peter Peralta is story about a couple of pals named Krish and Lee who has been recently fired. After spending all their money in a party, they have...

Kickin it Old Skool

The film follows a breakdancer Justin who had fallen into a coma since he was 12 years old because he used a dangerous headspin maneuver to win a dancing contest. Twenty years later, at the age of...

Laid in America

Duncan and Jack are exchange students and they have a last chance to have one night affairs with beautiful girls in the United States. Because they want their dream come true so they have a plan to...

Prince Avalanche

In 1988, an odd pair of sorts, meditative and stern Alvi and his girlfriend's brother, Lance, dopey and insecure, leave the city behind to spend the summer. The isolated landscape becomes a place of...

Tracey Ullmans Show - Season 3

In the first episode, German Chancellor Angela Merkel works on her poker face; Jerry Hall-Murdoch looks to apply financial lessons from her previous marriage to her new one; British Prime Minister...

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

Puppy mayhem turns the lives of newlywed Chihuahua parents Papi and Chloe upside down when 5 little puppies were born. But Papi and Chloe prove family always sticks together.

Borderline (2016) - Season 1

Borderline is a retro-scripted mockumentary based in the border security office of fictional Northend Airport, revolving about a group of border agents and the minutiae of their job and how they try...

John Tucker Must Die

When the three beautiful girls from three different places discovere that John Tucker, a handsome guy makes them fall in love at the same time, they decide to teach John a lesson. They plan to ask a...

Paranormal Movie

Disturbed every night by mysterious occurrences in the house he inherited from his grandmother, Larry manages a network of video cameras to get evidence of a haunting, and soon uncover that his house...
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