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Adventure Movies

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Nowhere Boys - Season 4

After returning home from a school excursion, four boys, Felix Ferne, Andy Lau, Sam Conte, and Jakes Riles find themselves in an alternate reality where they battle mystical threats and demons to...

Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

Content "Adventures in Babysitting" is about high school student Chris Parker. After being abandoned ffrom her boyfriend, she has agreed to do two child minders. One day she received a phone call...




A truck containing toxic waste explodes in a tunnel under the Hudson River, causes a disaster which kills many people and traps the survivors within the Tunnel. Witnessing the fireball erupting from...

Ass Backwards


Ass Backwards

A comedy about two best friends adventuring back to their hometown trying to win the pageant contest that eliminated them when they were kids.




The movie tells the story of a young car who learns the importance of family when he embarks on a mission to rescue his father who's been sent to Clunker Island to be re-purposed as junk metal.

Jurassic Park II: The Lost World

Dinosaur Park 2 takes place four years after the incident at the park Jura. John Hammond reveals to a mathematician Ian Malcolm that still has another island where dinosaurs were raised before moving...

Without a Paddle

10 years after graduating high school, Jerry, Dan and Tom return to their childhood house tree to memorize their newly-dead friend Billy and figure out a treasure map there. They decide to embark on...

Godless - Season 01

Godless is an American television drama series created by Scott Frank that is slated to debut on Netflix. In this, a ruthless outlaw terrorizes the West in search of a former member of his gang,...

Arthur and the Invisibles

Spirited ten-year-old Arthur must find a way to save the home of his adorable grandmother from being demolished by a heartless real-estate developer, in two days. Now, with nothing to guide him but...




An argument occurs between a con-man and a group of jewelry thieves whose conspiracy is to rob the Topkapi museum in Istanbul. How do they deal with problems to attain their goal?

Flight World War II

After traveling through a mysterious storm, Flight 42 realizes they are in France during the world war in 1940. Without overwriting the history, all passengers and flight crew battle against bullets...

Life Below Zero - Season 03

The film tells about hard winter in Alaska. It takes a special kind of mental and physical strength to cope with the extreme test of isolation and unending work needed to survive Alaska's long months...

The Big Blue


The Big Blue

The movie revolves around Jacques and Enzo, who grew up together in the Mediterranean, and remain lifelong friends as well as rivalry that culminates in a series of free-diving competitions.

Life Below Zero - Season 01

The film focuses on the story of six people when they struggle to survive in the Alaskan bush. Chip works to set out nets over thin ice. Andy tests out the Yukon River. Sue returns to stolen fuel in...

Big Game


Big Game

Air Force One is short down terrorists and lands the President of the United States on a rugged countryside of Finland. The only person can help him is a 13-year-old boy, Oskari, who is proving...




Dr Jo, who is one meteorological researcher, has extreme passion for the deadly tornado. She and her colleagues study diligently and successfully create a device that measures the strength of the...

Time Trax - Season 2

Season 2 opens with a Yakuza member from the future and fugitive trying to use his knowledge to take over the group in the present day; Darien teams up with an older officer to save Selma when she is...

Megas XLR - Season 02

Season 2 begins when a group of attractive women from another planet come to Earth in hopes of getting Coop to come be their saviour. Jamie decides to take Coop's place in hopes of tricking the girls...

Legend of the Red Reaper

For a thousand years, the Reapers guarded mankind from the demons that wait in the dark. Red (Tara Cardinal), the last Reaper, sets out to exact revenge on those responsible for leaving humanity...

The Art Of Travel

After his wedding plans fail, Conner (Christopher Masterson) goes on his honeymoon, alone, and finds adventure with a ragtag group of foreigners who attempt to cross the Darien Gap in record time.

Mercenary Absolution

A story between good and evil when a hired killer (Steven Seagal) encounters a girl who is escapeing from a very powerful and dangerous boss. He is torn between protecting girls and loyalty with his...

Ice Road Truckers - Season 10

In this season, we continue to follow long-haul truckers as they drive their rigs on ice roads and icy rivers and lakes. This year, high winter temperatures due to El Niño have greatly shortened the...

Lucky's Treasure

When a college-bound girl discovers that her grandmother died while searching for a hidden treasure, she takes on her grandmother's mission and sets out to find the gold coin that has eluded treasure...

Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins

‘’ Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins ‘’ centers on a group of friends: handsome Fred, charming Daphne, smart Velma, naughty Shaggy and his newly adopted talking dog Scooby on their mission to...
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